I am a health and social scientist undertaking applied health services research. I am a multiple-methodologist and ontologically and epistemologically my work is framed through critical realism and post-modern complexity theory.

My research and scholarship has a number of strands and these include: gender-based and intersectional forms of violence; social determinants of health and complex public health concerns; health inequalities; health systems; applied health services research; sociology of diagnosis, administrative data; health informatics; health technologies; systematic review, evidence synthesis and implementation science. I am also interested in digital sociology – digital / technological / human interfaces in health contexts.

My interest in violence stems from clinical practice as a dual-registered adult and children’s nurse working in emergency departments. I am concerned about people’s experience of gender-based and intersectional forms of violence and its impacts across the life-course. For my research I have studied the conditions under which forms of gender-based violence are more likely, better measurement of the impacts of gender-based violence, and what works to limit impacts and end violence. My research has explored the construction and classification of forms of gender-based violence during emergency department health consultations and in health information systems. I have investigated data categories and collection methods for gender-based violence in national and international administrative health data systems (NHS Datasets and ICD-10) and examined the potentiality for better measures of health impacts of gender-based violence using Global Burden of Disease methodologies. I have undertaken reviews of health system responses to rape and sexual violence in non-conflict, conflict and post-conflict zones. I have experience of undertaking quantitative, qualitative, multiple / mixed, and desk-top method research and developed expertise in methodologies for measuring the harms and impacts of gender-based violence and for estimating their economic cost.

I currently hold a joint appointment as Senior Research Fellow in Health Services Research with University of Central Lancashire and Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. My research is associated with UCLan College of Health and Wellbeing’s HeRMI (Health Research Methodology and Implementation) Hub and with the Systematic Review Research Group, Implementation and Service Delivery Research Group, Qualitative Research Group, and the Centre for Mental Health and Wellbeing.

In addition to my own programme of research, I lead the new UCLan/LTHTR Clinical Academic Faculty. The Faculty supports the growth and development of local, home-grown research and innovation that positively impacts people’s health outcomes and experiences. The Faculty works with research partners and clinical and university based practitioners from all levels and stages of development to achieve their research and innovation goals.

Ongoing projects involve analysis of health systems’ domestic violence incidence data and measures of health impacts of gender-based violence. Key scholars that have shaped my work are: Phil Brown and Annmarie Jutel (Sociology of Diagnosis), Susan Leigh Star, Bruno Latour and Steve Woolgar (Sociology of Science) and Frtijof Capra, Paul Cilliers, and Sylvia Walby (Complexity Theory).


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