Why does intimate partner violence get missed in emergency departments in England?


This question: ‘Why does intimate partner violence get missed in emergency departments in England?’, was the starting point for my PhD research. The resultant research and thesis, ‘Classifications of intimate partner violence in hospital-based, emergency department health systems’ focused on how intimate partner violence was classified (and responded to) in emergency department consultations and in national (HES) and international (ICD-10) administrative health information systems. I was interested in the planes (and anomalies) of classifications of violence mobilised, and the significance (at different levels of health systems) that classifying partner violence in particular ways made to health care trajectories and health data.

I am currently writing and publishing articles from this study and welcome any opportunity to share, so if interested and would like more detail or information, please get in touch either through ResearchGate (Philippa Olive) or Twitter (@philippaolive).


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